Company Overview

We don't just consult, we lead, build and invent.

  • United Nations Independent Professional Ethics and Compliance Expert
  • United States Department of Treasury FinCEN Liaison
  • World Bank Group Integrity Office Compliance Advisor / Monitor
  • United States Department of Justice Third-Party Monitor
  • United States Department of Justice Independent Review Organization
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Independent Review Consultant
  • Office of Thrift Supervision Independent Review Consultant
  • U.S. Trustee selected Corporate Governance, Special Investigations, and International Regulatory Consultant
  • World Leading Manufacturer of Steel
  • World Leading Manufacturer of Replacement Joints
  • World Leading Heavy Air Cargo Carrier
  • U.S. Leading Provider of Private Health Insurance
  • World Leading Accounting Firm
  • U.S. Leading Title Company
  • World Leading Music Presenter
  • World Leading International Not-for-Profit Organization

Founded in 2005 by General John Ashcroft, David Ayres and Juleanna Glover, The Ashcroft Group was established and continues to perform with these three pledges in mind:

  1. We are dedicated to the principles of leadership and integrity.  Led by one of the most principled men of our time, John Ashcroft sets the moral compass of and vision for The Ashcroft Group and its clients.  He believes that true leadership “is the identification and pursuit of our highest and best.”  For The Ashcroft Group, these are more than words; they are a way of life.

  2. We are focused on the business values of entrepreneurship, agility and results.  We develop creative solutions, partner with imaginative firms and are known for being the “accelerators” our clients need to meet and exceed their business goals.  Unique to the D.C. area and to government-related industries, The Ashcroft Group pursues new opportunities and partnerships that call for aggressively innovative thinking.

  3. We are committed to working only with clients that we can help.  We believe firmly in the virtues of honesty, perseverance and hard work.  So do our people and so do our clients.  For clients interested in just complying with the lowest standards, as opposed to leading, we have no qualms advising that they would be best served by engaging another firm.  We trust that those who do engage us understand our strong commitment to them and their businesses.

As our country continues to address security and financial challenges of great scale – challenges with distinct moral and ethical components – we are grateful to serve and advise those who, with integrity, will help steer our industries and markets toward a just and prosperous future.