Corporate Governance

We do more than just help you comply - we help you anticipate, lead and excel.

Navigating the regulatory system can be challenging. Our team at The Ashcroft Group knows that to be successful, a company needs to anticipate and nimbly adjust to emerging, quickly changing law enforcement and regulatory priorities and trends. Anticipatory and sustainable compliance programs are critical and ultimately save companies costly, brand-damaging penalties. This is especially true for our clients in heavily regulated industries.  Our clients gain the competitive advantage offered by a robust compliance program. Like business plans, good corporate governance isn’t reactive; rather, it is anticipatory and customized to build a company’s brand name and bottom line.. Our experience leading the Justice Department—and our legal team’s extensive insight into the processes of law enforcement and regulatory decision-making—has allowed us to develop proven strategies and innovative solutions to major corporate compliance challenges. The Ashcroft Group and Ashcroft Law Firm have a proven track record of successfully assisting clients in the following corporate disciplines:

  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate monitoring
  • Creditor advisory
  • Crisis management
  • Financial distress or bankruptcy
  • Independent internal investigations
    • Government investigation strategy
    • Accounting irregularities
    • Embezzlement
    • Foreign corrupt practices
    • Intellectual property theft
  • High-stakes litigation
  • Internal compliance programs
  • Risk management, including information leaks
  • Mergers and acquisitions transaction advisory

Our unique and proven approach to corporate governance pairs members of our consulting team with legal counsel. This multidisciplinary team works seamlessly to solve our clients’ multi-faceted problems. We work closely with boards of directors, CEOs, executive management and internal legal and compliance counsel to assess current compliance programs and results, implement necessary policies, procedures, processes and training and if necessary, proactively investigate a wide array of alleged misconduct. With a legal crew anchored by four former U.S. Attorneys, the Ashcroft team is equipped with an insider’s understanding of how enforcement and regulatory decisions are made; thus, we are singularly able to assist our clients in their dealings with enforcement and regulatory agencies. In times of turmoil, we lead our clients through legal unrest while avoiding regulatory pitfalls.

The credibility and reputation of The Ashcroft Group and The Ashcroft Law Firm with federal enforcement and regulatory authorities often proves critical in finding successful resolutions for our clients. Our consultants and partners alike have spent decades in the offices of high-level policy makers at both the federal and state level. These relationships can offer our clients a framework of routine interaction with senior leadership at the Department of Treasury, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies. Using this structure, we are uniquely suited to help our clients as they seek to meet and exceed regulatory expectations.

Our intimate familiarity with the U.S. regulatory system also grants us the ability to offer unparalleled international services, both to U.S.-based companies operating abroad and to foreign companies operating within the United States. In our global economy, organizations like the United Nations play a vital role in ensuring that its vendors and providers of critical services meet the United Nations’ as well as other nations’ ethical and compliance standards.  We are recognized by the United Nations as an independent ethics and compliance expert. This certification and our in-depth knowledge position us to better serve our global clients.

Should your Company be subjected to the United States complex regulatory schemes or an investigation by an enforcement or regulatory agency, the Ashcroft Group has the skill set to determine and address your corporate governance goals and needs.



Case 1

The Firm’s credibility and reputation with federal enforcement authorities often proves to be critical in navigating a successful resolution to our clients. As a result of a massive real estate fraud transaction, one the country’s largest financial firms was required to implement sweeping reforms of its various compliance, board oversight, training, and auditing practices. The changes were mandated through Consent Orders issued by three separate federal agencies responsible for regulating national housing and banking standards. After completion of six years of supervised compliance, the federal agencies elected to extend the punitive measures against the company for an additional one-year period. In an effort to obtain relief from the reputational harm and cost of such an extension to the company, the Firm performed an intensive and expedited review of the company’s compliance with the Consent Orders, resulting in a presentation of a formal report to the respective agencies. Based upon these actions, the Firm persuaded the federal agencies to reverse their official position by rescinding the Consent Orders and issuing findings that the Client had successfully implemented all required compliance measures.

Case 2

Drawing on our Firm’s deep, hands-on experience with minimizing risk in rapidly changing, uncertain situations, we adeptly guide global corporations through complex regulatory issue resolutions. In the wake of the global financial meltdown of the late-2000s, we administered crucial legal services to one of the largest professional service firms in the world. An international leader in assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services, the Client faced intense regulatory and congressional scrutiny. We worked to identify its risk with state prosecutors and regulatory agencies as well as implemented a strategy to enhance its position with these agencies at both the state and federal levels. As well as ensuring a successful resolution of compliance inquiries, we reviewed its client relations to determine potential criminal exposure. Our ability to seamlessly integrate legal services with business development and external relations strategies allowed us to address the client’s public relations needs as well.

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