Crisis Management

Don’t just manage and survive; navigate and lead.

Surviving a crisis and thriving in its aftermath require acute awareness of threats, accurate and objective analysis of the facts and data, prudent judgment, realistic goals and decisive action. For companies to survive the kind of intense scrutiny accompanying financial scandals and federal investigations, they must react in real time as the crisis unfolds, the threats multiply, the data pours in, the facts change and public awareness is raised at light-speed through the unprecedented flow of the 21st century information media environment.

In a word, crisis management requires leadership.

Our team at The Ashcroft Group has provided leadership through some of the nation’s darkest moments. Whether in the wake of terrorist attacks, war or economic crises of staggering proportions, we have a track record of sound strategic thinking and decisive action that is second to none.

In today’s uncertain corporate environment, our team has the proven, battle-tested management skills and the firsthand knowledge to enact fundamental organizational change while managing active conflict. We have deep, hands-on experience minimizing risk while guiding our clients through rapidly changing threat environments.

Our team led the Department of Justice through the aftermath of the national crisis of September 11th, 2001, navigating upheavals and restructuring a 120,000 person organization. They have advised and assisted the President, foreign leaders and corporate executives around the world to respond successfully to some of the most serious security and financial crises and litigation challenges of the past two decades. Their leadership brings the exceptional foresight and celerity of thinking required to navigate these challenging times to our clients. The team they have assembled shares their unparalleled experience and commitment to solutions with integrity.  As a result, we at The Ashcroft Group understand how to lead and succeed at critical points in an environment of stress and uneasiness—especially in the corporate world. We know these situations are often complex, and we believe that a company’s value is enhanced by refusing to take a narrow view of the situation at hand. We survey the broader landscape when evaluating the complexity of a situation and the trade-offs that may be necessitated by it.

The Ashcroft Group brings all of its assets to bear to lead our clients through immediate crises that can threaten organizations’ long term health or their existence.  We only have one goal: to lead your organization to safety, prosperity and a future integrity.


The Firm has extensive experience with local, state and federal regulations and laws. This experience is vital when assisting clients in effectively complying with these regulations and laws. In the wake of the global financial meltdown, we provided timely and crucial legal services and advice to one of the world’s largest professional service firms facing intense enforcement, regulatory, congressional, and media scrutiny. We efficiently assessed their risk with enforcement and regulatory agencies, determined the best course of action to minimize the risk of collateral damage, and recommended a strategy to enhance its position with state and federal agencies.

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