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We’ve helped guide the Nation. Now, let us help guide your organization.

The breadth and depth of our team’s experience and knowledge in the fight against terrorism gives us a tactical edge in our assessment and navigation of the national security and law enforcement marketplace. In the wake of 9/11 and other national crises, our experts have risen to the occasion as trailblazers at the United States Departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Through firsthand involvement at the federal or the state level, the professionals at The Ashcroft Group have the acquired expertise in the issues that matter most to our national security. We’ve earned trust from top government authorities—the majority of our team on both the legal and consulting sides held top-level security clearances—and our clients trust us to handle sensitive information with the utmost professionalism and discretion when interfacing with government and private agencies.

Our Company’s access to policy makers and government officials facilitates client contact with high-level decision makers who shape regional and national discussions about security and risk. Our formula for success is two-fold—we broaden clients’ understanding of their target market while simultaneously assisting them in exploring new possible spheres of sales. We give our clients our full attention to help them provide the kinds of services and products we would seek out if still in government—we help our clients provide cost-cutting technologies in crucial emerging security areas. Anticipating market trends and emerging threats, we introduce our clients into top-level conversations about security needs—we aim to keep our clients competitive by staying ahead of the curve.

Offering a wide range of services, The Ashcroft Group is committed to providing an integrated legal & business model to help our clients stand out in the context of a competitive and complex marketplace. With cyber security and data privacy experts on our team, we work with companies committed to providing security solutions to government agencies and private sector companies in the critical infrastructure sector. We also partner with companies providing unique, secure mobile security. Using our deep connections in government, we also work to build awareness and support for national security legislation that promotes our clients’ interests, such as working with legislators to help companies in allied countries provide services and products that enhance our national security.

The structure of our team depends on the needs of our clients. We build a multidisciplinary team to seamlessly take our clients from the inception of an idea to sales in the federal, state or private sector marketplace. Our consulting team works in tandem with the former U.S. Attorneys on our legal team to build a comprehensive understanding of how senior leadership might perceive an approach or solution in government. Navigating the relationship between the public and private sector can be tricky; our experiences leading in both anticipates difficulties and successfully locates overlapping areas of interest and supply.

One of The Ashcroft Group’s strategic strengths is a keen understanding that events in the private sector have a significant impact on national interests, such as competitiveness and especially security. Our professionals have accrued nearly 200 years in the public sector. Our teams typically include former United States Attorneys, Assistant United States Attorneys, former Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agents, former United States Department of Justice officials serving at the very highest levels at the Department, former United States Department of Defense officials, corporate attorneys, and former Chief Operating Officers and Chief Executive Officers of major, multi-billion dollar corporations.  We are thus fully aware from every angle of the implications of public-private interaction, and we use this multi-faceted insight to serve our clients with unparalleled, high quality service and deliver valuable results.


Our Firm successfully introduced our client as a key player in to the innovative space of surveillance technology for law enforcement. Additionally, our client was inducted into the NASDAQ stock market database while we were engaged. Our advice, during which the regulations for their class of products were being written, ensured the successful implementation of our client’s products. In effect—our guidance helped shape the technology standards for that industry. Our intimate knowledge and familiarity with the law enforcement field broadened our client’s understanding of its target market and aided it to lead and excel.

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