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Don't settle for compliance -
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Our team has spent decades working with, for, and, in fact, leading numerous regulatory agencies.  We know how government regulators at the federal, state and local levels think and operate. Combined with long-established relationships in numerous regulatory entities, our experience facilitates both optimal communication and a thorough understanding of the most significant regulatory issues our clients face. This perspective gives our clients a distinct advantage as we work to both predict and correct problems.

We believe firmly that government regulations should serve as a benchmark against which companies operate.  Adherence is mandatory, but taking advantage of opportunities to lead an industry to higher levels of performance, innovation and international standards represents the ultimate achievement for any organization, in any market.  To this end, we help clients strive not just to comply but to lead, all while safeguarding business operations. Our firm’s approach aims to advance our clients’ marketplace advantage while setting the standard in today’s regulatory environment.


The Firm’s credibility and reputation with federal enforcement authorities is a critical tool often utilized in navigating a successful resolution for our clients. As a result of a massive real estate fraud transaction, one of the country’s largest financial firms was required to implement sweeping reforms of its compliance, board oversight, training, and auditing practices. Through the use of the Firm’s trusted character , the Firm persuaded the federal agencies to reverse their official position completely. Joint efforts assisted the client not just to comply—but to lead and navigate. 

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