In business and in life, these six principles guide all that we do.

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At the Ashcroft Group, we believe the true character of an organization or a leader is revealed by adversity. Bad things can happen to good people and honest people can make mistakes. Our Group firmly believes leaders and organizations committed to integrity will thrive in even the toughest situations. We have also seen organizations choose a different path and suffer the consequences of their decisions.

That’s one reason why we personally treat maintaining our and our clients’ integrity as a specific commitment – and why we only advise leaders and organizations who share a similar commitment.

At the Ashcroft Group, we are committed to the belief that leadership is something more than just management or governance: It’s about doing right, and positioning yourself at the head of the pack for the long-term. It’s about taking the steps necessary to achieve consistently at the highest level, not just doing the minimum that is required or muddling through.

Our team understands this firsthand: After the September 11th attacks, General Ashcroft’s decisive leadership and unwavering dedication to preventing another terrorist attack protected American lives. After corporate scandals erupted involving prominent Fortune 500 companies, his prompt, clear prosecution strategy helped restore public confidence in the financial markets and upheld basic shareholder values. His service at the Department of Justice, during some of our nation’s most demanding times, is a testament to the importance he attaches to leadership, as a core value and advantage we offer our clients.

In order to get the best results, you need a focused strategy, diligent preparation, effective execution and a relentless determination to succeed.  That is what our team offers to clients and what has enabled our leadership to deliver at the highest levels of U.S. government, on behalf of millions of Americans nationwide.  The Ashcroft Group is committed to getting the results our clients want, whatever the challenge – and we do so consistently, and without fail.

Succeeding in today’s tough business environment requires a willingness to take on risk and responsibility in order to achieve the very highest rewards.  We at the Ashcroft Group understand this and practice it each and every day, in our own business dealings and in our interactions with our clients.

You can’t get ahead if you never leave your comfort zone – or if your advisors are comfortable with resting on their laurels.  The global marketplace rewards true entrepreneurs, and our team prides itself on working with them to meet their business’ demands.

Companies that want to succeed don’t labor to meet expectations; they work to exceed them and to excel, every single day.  At the Ashcroft Group, we’re the same.  Our team of professionals isn’t satisfied with merely making the grade; we aim to set the tone.  Excellence: It’s one reason why organizations and leaders determined to achieve the very best seek out our advice.

Time is money, and for many businesses, this has never been truer than in the 21st century. The Ashcroft Group understands that you can’t wait for difficult issues to resolve themselves, or for customers simply to make their way to your company. We also know that being proactive and taking on a challenge full-throttle is the best way of helping a client overcome a challenge. We are committed to being your “accelerators” – which means that we can get more accomplished, faster, and that your bottom line is secured, for the long term. Other firms will take as much time as they think they can get. At the Ashcroft Group, we take only the time that we need to meet and exceed your goals.